How to add marker on map with java (OSMNavigation)


I am currently developing a small application based on librairies from libOSM and OSMNavigation.
I would like to add some markers (start and finish) on the route calculated.
How to do that?

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Do you want to use the visualisation tools of these libraries or is it possible to use for example OpenLayers?

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A certain Java app related to OSM is

Maybe you can find some interesting parts there?

Traveling Salesman is based on OSMNavigation and libOSM.

Hello MarkusH,

I think it’s not possible to use OpenLayers (javascript, if I m not wrong, there is no browser in my app).
I haven’t found the tools I am looking for in OSMNavigation and libOSM.

Maybe you could help me?
I am just looking for an icon capable of showing a place (start , ending route) and if possible with a number in it.

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