How to add business category?

Hi guys, today I edit some infomatiom about shops around me but i find one business with wrong category. the problem is that the company is in beekeeping company (selling honey, pollen, propolis … simply selling bee products). But such a category is unfortunately not there, I have not even found anything similar to “organic products”. is there any way to add a category? (in my opinion this is a relatively essential and required category in this modern world). Thanks!

You can use any “business category” you want. In the online iD-editor, go to al tags (bottom left), there you will see “shop = ” . Feel free to replace the with an British-English word to describe the type of shop.

Taginfo ( has 192 shop=honey

Since it’s a “beekeeping company”,


is worth considering.

And then go to Wiki and add that in a list with proper explanation what it should be used for so that others can easily find it and use it for the same purpose.