How to add an ISP(Internet Service Provider)

How to tag for broadband Internet Service Provider (ISP)

scenario 1:
One shop they have only ISP business.
is amenity=internet_cafe is appropiate for this?

scenario 2:
One Single Shop they sell goods(Mobile/Computer etc), Now Provide Broadband Internet Service along with selling mobile, computer. Now sells networking goods too.

Should I add different node for this with same name, address, contcact etc?

Scenario 1: if the main purpose is to sell internet services (e.g. broadband contracts) I would use shop=telecommunication. If it’s just the office of the ISP (no storefront) I would use office=telecommunication instead.

Scenario 2: if it’s a single shop I would place a single node, based on what the main purpose of the shop is. Either shop=telecommunication if it’s more about broadband, SIM cards, … or shop=mobile_phone if it’s more about the devices themselves. Or even shop=electronics or shop=computer. But definitely a single node if it’s a single shop.

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