How Should We Celebrate OSM's 20th Birthday?

Very cool! I feel like one of the “20” maybe should be slightly more opaque than the rest of the numbers, just to make the meaning a bit more clear?

Hi, all,

I went back through this list and came up with a summary and a recommendation. Both are below:

Note that I didn’t put details here, nor tag the people who had the idea. This is just to show the three buckets or categories that emerged:


  1. One Day Event, worldwide: It is a 24hr long mapathon that slides from time zone to time zone - post about it across socials, encourage local communities to set local goals, etc.
  • add a “send us your happy-birthday-OSM mapping photo” contest. The country that gets the greatest part of its population to participate wins. @ionvia
  • add a fundraiser to this that also goes time zone to time zone
  • add a project to close as many old notes, as possible
  • Get on Firefox
  1. Multi-day Editing Event, with one or more of the following features:
  • a regional contest to see who can personally field-survey the oldest mapped POI. Bonus points if it needs to be retagged or replaced with a brand-new POI.

  • a regional contest with a bingo board with squares … and a site that is based on a username looks up all the user’s changesets during the day in question (timezone adjusted) and marks of squares.

    Site: OSM Bingo PoC
    Code: GitHub - 02JanDal/osm-bingo-poc


  • A Big Year-Long Project (or more than one year-long project)

  • Launch a major new feature - (CW note: maybe that is what “The Year of the Vector Maps” is?)

  • A major improvement to iD editor


  • Create a media kit about OSM
  • Bring back the vintage logo w/ 2s and 2s instead of 1s and 0s (thank you Andres (@AngocA)
  • Update of the 2010 OSM book
  • A documentary film
  • A literary anthology reflecting on the past 20 years of the OSM community, including literary works and poems related to OSM in various languages (English and International version).
  • creative art contest, which could include several categories:
    ** Designing a commemorative OSM map design (vector, raster, … ).
    ** An art fusion contest using OSM data ( paintings, glass works, … ).
    ** A competition for designing an OSM 20y commemorative poster.
    ** Creations related to OSM generated with AI image generators (like DALL-E, Midjourney)

(Speaking as a person and not a CWG or fundraising volunteer) To me, almost all of these ideas could fall into one of two categories, like this:

  1. A multi-day mapping event that culminates on August 9th
  • It can be indoors and outdoors.
  • It can have a bingo card component; a POI competition; a fundraising project; and maybe even a “bring back OSM awards” project
  • It can be organized by a relatively small committee who can coordinate the different areas.
  • Communication about it would be supported by the CWG, fundraising committee, and board. (blog and socials, before during and after.)
  1. A single page that lists any projects that is dedicated to celebrating OSM’s 20th birthday. It could be here: OpenStreetMap 20th Anniversary Birthday party - OpenStreetMap Wiki.
  • It could have a simple template that makes the who, what, where, when and how consistent in each posting
  • Individuals and communities can post any idea they have, with details on how to join in. They can ask for participants, volunteers, or co-hosts as a way to grow their project
  • The community can visit the page to find people with similar ideas
  • The page would also be a one-stop location for someone who wanted to make a film or other creative arts project about the 20th.
  • The CWG and (ideally) the Weekly OSM can help promote the items on the list to boost visibility.

I really like the idea of going and taking a selfie at a newly mapped POI.

Because there is an increased difficulty in well-mapped countries there is a fairness to it that means it’s not obvious who will win. Countries like Germany have lots of people who could participate, but they have a more difficult time finding POIs. Since it’s by number of people, you can’t have one person in a tiny country get an overwhelming number per capita. Any efforts to “game” the numbers involve getting a large number of people relative to population participating, which is the entire goal.

Unless half a dozen Italians decide to head to Vatican City and participate :slight_smile:


Unless half a dozen Italians decide to head to Vatican City and participate

compared to Germany, in Vatican City you seriously will have a hard time finding an unmapped POI

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Do we always need someone to “win” and others to “loose”? Can we not just collect a bunch of extraordinary selfies on newly mapped POIs and publish them one some kind of anniversary page accessible for everyone interested?


Our project has an overwhelming number of things to celebrate as we turn 20. It boggles my mind how diverse, productive, insightful and dazzlingly brilliant we are as we collaborate and seek consensus together. OSM is truly amazing. To me, we feel like a human salvation of community. I am honored to be a Contributor here.

We can also do poster competition related to OSM. I can coordinate!!! If interested

Thank you, @courtiney, for initiating this discussion. At TomTom, we are excited to explore opportunities to engage with everyone interested in collaborating to celebrate the 20th birthday of OpenStreetMap. We are committed to leveraging possible available resources and platforms to organize a variety of activities and events for this milestone occasion.


Hello, there @sbaido so nice to hear from you! Your ability to convene discussions and help organize events might be really helpful for the 20th birthday celebration. As you can see in this thread there are a LOT of great ideas, but it can be hard to centralize and organize to activate a few of them. Maybe you could help coordinate 3-4 planning events in 3-4 regions that would culminate in a 20th birthday plan? They could be a mix of virtual and in-person?

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@courtiney : It’s indeed a fantastic idea to focus on 3-4 regions and organize some enjoyable and memorable activities. I’ll discuss this internally to explore how we can contribute significantly to OSM’s 20th anniversary, but also perhaps we could have a chat with you and others to gather feedback on the ideas I’ll begin compiling.

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