How should I map isolated highways

Context: Road mapping in

I often encountered a scenario where I see a “road” in the middle of the greens. However and head and/or tails are obfuscated in trees, should I go ahead and just map the path, ignoring the following conflicting task guideline:

  1. “Very short segments that do not connect to anything should not be mapped”.
  2. a validator once pinged me in a task I’ve contributed in, saying “Please connect highways to each other to achieve a network. GPS driven nav systems cannot coop with gaps in roads.”

Any advise would be appreciated.

I disagree with this advise as a general rule. But maybe it makes sense in this context.

If only small section of road is visible then mapping it (maybe with fixme=continue at is endings) is better than not mapping it.

Note, that applies only when something is definitely a road. If it is not fully certain is it road or something else not mapping it is likely better.

I am not sure about sections of dirt tracks - is it likely they dynamically change location? Like logging roads that in area known to me change location? And often are single use and will not be used fire decades until trees at forest plantation grow to be harvested again?


IMO if it’s definitely a bit of road than mapping it as a bit of road is probably better than not mapping it. That we can’t connect it (yet) doesn’t eliminate its existence.

If you can see how something connects it should definitely be connected, but if you can’t … oh well.