How should a dual use building be entered?

How should I enter a two story building where the upper floor is a bicycle shop and the ground floor is a restaurant ?


See One feature, one OSM element - OpenStreetMap Wiki

In general, mapping POI and building as single object often causes problems.

I would recommend to always map shops and restaurants and other as point/area separate from building.

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Possibly building=commercial, and the two shops as separate points.

If some building (or…ship) has a main purpose, like being a restaurant, but it also sells shoes for example, then you’d tag main building as restaurant and then add a point with shoe shop.

When the two different shops/amenities have separate addresses map two address nodes with the respective shops/amenity.

#Mateusz Sorry but I’m not sure what you mean as “separate from building”. Do you mean enter three areas one for the shared building and the other two for the two commercial businesses ?