how much trackpoints did i upload?

Is there a way to look up how much trackpoints i did upload til now?
Thanx in advance…


You will need to become a top-50 track uploader before you can see how many you uploaded.

hmm, it would be fun to have the stats on your own user-page… It will be very hard for people starting today to get in the top-50 contributers…

Yes, I too am a statistics freak, but I don’t know when personal statistics will become available (if they will become available at all).

ofcourse we could always calculate them by hand… :slight_smile:

Yes, but then you only have the statistics of who edited the ways/nodes last. It won’t give a full overview of how many (and which) edits you made.

wget -q -O tmp “” && cat tmp | grep points >> points

repeat this for the number of pages and import the points-file into a spreadsheet…

that’s a solution…