How long does corrections take to go though?

I work for a city, and we use a solution build on OSM, to handle all employee business driving. One of our employees live at an address, which is at the center of 3 one way streets.

One of these streets is one-way in the wrong direction on OSM. It’s paradisgade at:

I corrected, or at least tried to correct it yesterday and it’s still broken today.

How do these changes take to go through? It’s basically breaking our reporting solution for this employee.

Thanks for any help.

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It depends on your application when the update is receiving. It can take 1 day up to several months. What reporting solution are you using? Maybe contact the administration …

The change that made it one way were made five days ago. Whilst we don’t know how you are getting from the real time updated database to whatever your tool uses, and we don’t know if the latter is regularly updated, or the one way change was put in just before its annual update, there is a good chance that the change in direction will happen as fast the change to being one way.