How long do additions take to show up?

I added a foot path onto the map… about two days later it appeared on the “Standard” map.

But I’ve been waiting over a week for it to appear on the topographic “Cycle” map. ??

Every producer of specialized maps has a different schedule for downloading fresh data from OSM. Even the various layers on the OSM slippery map likely have differing update schedules. Your changes might take hours or even days before they are fully rendered. Before I started compiling my own Garmin-compatible maps I used to get them from a site in the Netherlands. The maps available on that site were updated approximately once a week. (

My suggestion for those who want to see their edits more quickly is to subscribe to OSMand, an app for your phone that allows you to download fresh data as often as you like. The free version of OSMand limits you to 7 complete downloads, the $5.00 USD OSMand+ version updates all the maps on your device every month while the one I have, called OSMand Live costs about $1 USD per month and allows updates as often as you like.

Hope this helps,


Opencyclemap updates seem to take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. A week is typical.

As to other topo maps, opentopomap takes longer (month?), and openandromaps (offline for various mobile apps*) come out monthly for Europe and ~4 times a year for elsewhere.

(* I’ll bet Locus Map Pro can beat OSMand+ in a playground fight.)

I haven’t made edits in about a month or two, and I’m used to edits being reflected in a few minutes at different zoom levels, my latest edits are taking a few hours now at least. Are the tile updates slower lately? I’m just check the main OSM not the other maps.

The “Standard” layer has been struggling lately, yes. It’s been taking a few days to update, whereas usually it’s ready within minutes.

But I see the brand new layer “ÖPNVKarte” is pretty quick to update. At the moment, I think this one wins the race!