How long after plant dump are mapnik tiles updated?

How long after the plant dump file is made (at 00h GMT Wednesday?) is it usually before the Mapnik tiles are updated?

Is this a sudden switch from the previous week’s tiles to this week’s tiles, or a gradual change as they are re-rendered in place?

This question is somewhat difficult to answer as the mapupdating process of mapnik is quite complex. Yes, it uses the weekly planet dump for rendering new images, but because of the rendering rules it is possible that you’re still looking at images from last weeks’ planet dump.

Please have a look at the T@H map if you want to see your edits quickly.

That’s what the wiki is for.

Maybe I’m not reading it carefully enough, but I don’t think that answers my question, which is why I asked it.

Let me re-phrase my question. Suppose I have made some updates to the database and hope to see my changes in the mapnik tiles (yes I know I can see them in the osmarender tiles, but I’d like to see both versions).

The planet dump gets taken starting at 00h Wednesday (and takes how long?).

If I then view the tile concerned it’ll be marked dirty if it is older than three days, and then it will be re-rendered (within 15 minutes). If it’s not older than 3 days, do I need to come back and view it again when it is older than 3 days to get it to be re-rendered?

I’m beginning to think the only way to see changes easily is to run both osmarender and mapnik locally …

Wednesday at 00h UTC and it takes about an hour.

Yes, you’ll need to come back to trigger a render action.

Each tile is checked:

Well, if you think you have reason enough to have to be able to view changes in mapnik asap you’ll have to setup your own renderer locally. Most mappers however use