How is a new mapping convention agreed?

In an earlier thread ( I asked how to tag a new kind of route and some alternatives and suggestions were put forward. The Wiki ( does not yet contain these details.

I would now like to agree a convention before adding them to the Wiki. How do I set about gaining agreement on the convention?


Hi Steve,

Can you clarify what the new bit that needs agreeing is exactly?

From reading the other topic it looks like you’re going to create a new relation for the loop which you can add to the wiki page, and if you use the forward/backward suggestion to indicate the oneway nature of it, then that is already documented at


Hi Ed,

I was going to propose the forward/backward approach rather than direction=anti-clockwise and that only the loop back has the new relation rather than the whole loop.

Presumably the people who have done some mapping already and Andy (I guess) who does OpenCycleMap will have an opinion on this too.

I was also going to copy your post on the direction of relations on to the Wiki!


Best way is just to talk about it. This is one place; the talk-gb mailing list is another, and probably the most relevant to the National Byway. The IRC channel is good too.

I think you’re probably right (and I’m wrong) about using forward/backward so suggest you just go ahead and add it.