How I can see gps files on the map?

just sorry for the stupid question BUT I really cannot see, in the area I’m watching on the map, the track other users posted. Can I add a new layer (like the cyclepath) on the map with these information?

This question because I have a lot of new gpx files (in Iceland) where there are no road yet and I would like to add them to the public map BUT before I want to understand better what the user can see later!

Last question:
I have some great track (gpx file) on the vatnajokull glagiar (the biggest in Iceland) and I think it great to show in osm BUT how? Should I mark it as a “tertiary road” (someone go here even with car) or leave it just like a gpx track… but then the user how can see it?

Thank you

If the gpx files are only uploaded than you will not see them on the map. After uploading you first have to make ways of (parts) of them (with an editor). After that the ways are visible on the map.

You can show your .gpx files on an open street map. No need to upload the file. Here is described how to do it with openlayers:
(if you change the filename to the filename in that example it will wordk already i think).

I do not know why openstreetmap after uploading does not present a possibility to ‘show track on map’. If you are in the GPS-tracks tab you see “more / map / edit” after every track. If you chose map one expects to see the track on the map but it isn’t. Also choosing ‘more’ does not directly place it in the map.

But it is posible with ojw: for instance:

But then what is the #trackid or 'The Id of your trace"?
You can find out quite easily in the ‘more’ page choosing download. You will be offered a file.

Why there is not standard such an ojw link I don’t know. I vote for it.

P.S.: You can also download gpsVP which will display .gpx on mapnik maps.