How does osm know where is a border for a certain village?

I am adding houses and house numbers
Now I have village1 and there are 65 houses all together, but there are 3 additional houses from village1, 1km away but they are more close to second village.
How do I make that osm will know that they belong to village1
How will osmand know which village they belong to?

Go to map view and navigate to the mapped spots, right click and choose the show address option. It will find the lowest to highest location structure from village to country including post_code

Where something is can be captured in an address node with addr:housenumber, addr:street, addr:post_code, addr:city. If administrative borders have been set up of the jurisdictions of Village1 and Village2 than all should work to locate where exactly something is.


In other words:
You need a border mapped between the two villages. If you load the corresponding scene in one of the OSM editors, you should see any border.
A caveat: Sometimes postal and administrative borders are different.

If there is no border in the OSM data, tools like Nominatim may give you assignments according to the distance to place nodes, but this is only an educated guess with maybe no relevance to reality.


I don’t see any borders. Some villages have landuse=residential but not all.
If I put the name of the village in addr:street= … will this be ok? In villages only, no in the cities where there are streets.

addr:street=Name of the village

If there are no street names, then it’s sometimes better to use addr:place instead of addr:street, depending on what’s custom in your region.


Is this Tolmin? Relation: ‪Tolmin‬ (‪1675778‬) | OpenStreetMap then it seems that’s the only boundary there is in that area.

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Thank you. Then I’ll mark like this.

This is entire municipality of Tolmin.