How do you tag a parking meter?

How do you best tag a parking meter?

Poking around, I don’t see an established way to tag individual coin-operated parking meters.
For the overall parking area, I would use the following:

parking=(parking type)

For a machine that sells parking vouchers, see vending=parking_tickets.

Parking meters are distinct from parking ticket vending machines. Over the past couple decades, many American cities replaced individual parking meters with parking ticket vending machines, but a great many are still in use. They tend to be installed on the curb, one meter for each parking stall, or two on a single pole. Unfortunately, they’re difficult to spot in aerial imagery, so very few have been mapped so far. This probably accounts for the lack of a standardized tag. There was a discussion about parking meters in OSMUS Slack back in October 2019, but little has changed since then.

amenity=parking_meter and man_made=parking_meter have only been used a handful of times. parking:condition=meter has occasionally been applied to the street to indicate that its street parking is metered, though it should be just parking=meter following some tagging reforms a few years ago. parking:fee=yes is commonly applied for paid street parking of any kind and is more likely to be recognized by a data consumer such as

Some meters only accept coins, while others accept credit cards and increasingly NFC payment. Whether you map individual meters or indicate their presence on the roadway itself, consider indicating the available payment options using the payment tagging scheme.