How do you convert a road to a Parallel way?

I was checking the roads near where I live and there are many parkways with grass and tree medians. Such as this one

Most of them only have 1 of the ways mapped. When i try to make it a parallel way it asks me if it is carriageway or motorway and no matter which i choose i have two red paths and the original path. I cannot seem to find information in the wiki on how to convert a road to a parallel road.



Potlatch’s parallel ways function assumes you want to generate both sides of the dual carriage way. Not sure why really, after all you have to already have one of them to be able to use the function. Ah well.

Use the function, you can choose the offset to use in meters so that it is generated in roughly the right place, and then just delete the way on the wrong side. Change the direction of the new way and unlock it, copy over the tags from the original.

Nonono, you draw the first way and it generates one on either side. Then you delete the one you don’t want.

The alternative would be to have a dialogue box that says “do you want the one on the north side or the south side?”. Which is great except when you have a road that loops around a bit. “Do you want the one on the north side, that then goes a bit to the east, and after about two miles actually is on the south side, and then…?”. You get the idea.

Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile: