How do I use [img][/img] ?

I would like to ask an OSM question and attach a JOSM screenshot which I have as a jpg on my computer.

I have searched help but without any success

How do I use ?

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:


Upload the file to a website and place the link between the IMG tags.

Hi Janus007,

Thanks for the info, but when I open a post new message there is no “upload” button to load an image to the OSM Forum website. I do not have a personal website, is there a website that you can recommend just to post screenshot images?


Your Google/windows account
Dropbox or a other cloud service

And many more

Thank you Janus007

I just posted

and in the post used

but it shows up in the post as “Here is a screenshot of the intersection 44stX”

What did I do wrong?



You didn’t use IMG tags and you didn’t provide an absolute URL for the image.

Hi hadw

I used with in between

All that showed up was 44stX :frowning:

How should it be done?

You have to use the address from the image, not from the page where it is