How do I unsubscribe from email?


I support the project: one of the GREAT uses of the internet in bringing people from all over the earth into a common goal, and I don’t want to leave the group, but I do want to stop receiving emails from forum posts. I’ve hunted all over the personal settings page etc, but I cannot see how to do this. Would you mind either emailing me the info on removing my name from the email list (Australia group) or making the adjustment yourself. I did a forum post search on UNSUBSCRIBE and got no results, so it may be worth adding a sticky with this information for future reference.

Best regards, and keep up the good work.


Your post is a bit confusing, but I guess it is because you’re confused as well :slight_smile: Anyway I think you are talking about the mailinglists as the forum does not have an Australian subforum. So, to unsubscribe from the mailing lists you’ll have to visit this page and perform the unsubscribe actions as described there.

Not sure if you mean the OSM Australia mailing list. I also think there should be instructions at the end of each email you get from that list.

Or if you mean the posts from the forum in that case: perhaps profile → privacy? (not sure the link works for you, please tell me if it does would be nice to know)


Hi guys.

Yes you are both correct: I was subscribed to the talk-Au mailing list, and have now unsubscribed. Thank you both for your help.

Best regards