How do I tell JOSM to download an existing relation?

I have a relation number (189086) that I want to apply to some ways. But it’s not currently applied to any in the area I downloaded, so it’s not showing up. How do I download the relation so I can add ways to it?

AFAIK you have to load at least 1 element of the relation befor editing in JOSM.

Press Ctrl+L in JOSM and insert the following URL:

Ah, thanks. I didn’t notice that dialog because of the other definition of location.


every day im going to learn a new function of josm. think i should start and rtfm.



Very cool, I didn’t know about this feature. If you want to download the whole road (e.g. for tagging with new relations for TMC codes), not only the relation, you just have to add …/full to the end of the adress in the dialog: