How do I tag State game lands (USA) roads/tracks with date-based access restrictions?

Hi all,
I’m adding some roads and tracks to some PA state game lands and am struggling to find a solution for tagging game land roads that are only open seasonally between certain dates.

I searched the forum and OSM wiki but am still not sure how to do this.

Here is an example of a feature I’m referring to:

this road has the following description @ on the PA Game Commission Mapping Center app:

What is the best way to tag these restrictions?

Also, this particular road is currently tagged as residential. Would it be more accurate to tag as highway=unclassified or highway=track?

Thanks in advance,

This can theoretically be represented by this conditional access restriction.

access = no
access:conditional = yes @ (Sep 15-Jan 21; Apr 25-Jun 2)

However, I’m guessing the various hunting seasons aren’t on exactly the same dates every year, so these dates may not be correct in future years. If these hunting seasons start and end on something like the second monday or last saturday of a given month, perhaps there is a way to represent that with a conditional access restriction, but I’m not sure.

Also without local knowledge I’m not sure exactly what “closed” means in this case. If the land managers still use the road during the closed times, then access=private is more accurate than access=no which would mean the road is entirely closed to all traffic of any kind. If the road is open to pedestrians but closed to motor vehicles, then motor_vehicle=no + motor_vehicle:conditional = * is more accurate.

It looks like nobody lives on this road so it could be a candidate for highway=track if its only purpose is to access the game lands. On aerial imagery it looks like a fairly good quality road though so ideally tag it with appropriate tracktype, surface, and smoothness values so it isn’t mistaken for a rough 4WD trail.

Thanks a lot Zeke. I am local here and that road theoretically can be traversed with a normal highway vehicle, but it has places that are pretty tough. I had to walk out of there in the middle of the night once because the person driving got their pick-up stuck. Keep in mind, we were drunken teenages at the time. ( a LONG time ago!)

I’ll check on the dates again and see if I can find more info on what is actually restricted. I don’t think it’s completely closed. just closed to “vehicles” at certain times of the year.