How do I tag a tattoo removal shop?

If I was to guess it might be shop=tattoo tattoo=removal or something.

It looks like it only does removal. “SW Tattoo Removal” added by the Geogeeks survey this morning.

And that’s exactly the question that tattoo and tattoo_removal can answer :slight_smile:
I’d say shop=tattoo_removal which implies tattoo_removal=yes is the way to go, in the absence of some existing scheme.

Key:beauty - OpenStreetMap Wiki proposes shop=beauty beauty=tattoo_removal

I am not convinced that it is a great idea.

TI has a few options but all used pretty well once, or only a few times each: shop=tattoo + removal=yes; shop=tattoo_removal; tattoo=removal & similar.

So seems pretty well like suit yourself! (& if you write something up in the wiki, you’ll be the expert! :smiley:)

On reflection, I think tattoo=removal is the wrong tag (because providing tattoos is orthogonal to providing tattoo removal).

So I’ll go with shop=tattoo_removal and add tattoo_removal=yes for good measure.

Thanks for looking into it.

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Is it a shop that does both though, or only removal?

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Sounds good, so please write it up! :smiley:

I think marking a location as “shop=tattoo” with a second tag that states it does only removal verges on a “trolltag”… a second tag that completely reverses the meaning of the first. “shop=tattoo_removal” seems the correct answer.

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