How do I Subscribe to Q&A?

Obviously Very New -Thank You -Hwy101

do you mean

If so, use your identical login name and password that you used to enter this forum.

I guess I am not asking right -Like now, I am ‘Subscribed’ to my own question, which is ‘IN’ the Question & Answers (Q&A) Section…

How do I subscribed to the Larger than my question: Questions & Answers section?

I see ‘nothing’ up a level (for Questions & Answers) that says or asks if I want to Subscribe…

New ‘Eye’ just not seeing it or where to look… Sorry…

Thanks (Please Push in the Right Direction)

Hello There,

I somehow don’t think the answer is what you anticipate. Under “Profile” then “Privacy” there is an option to “Set your subscription options”. But it looks like you can only subscribe to topics you post in.


The forum software provides RSS and Atom feeds that allow you to follow specific forums.


I noticed at the bottom of the page there is a “subscribe to this topic” link. Going on experience with other forums I’ve been on this will enable the forum to notify you of new posts provided you have the setting checked in your privacy settings as outlined by BCNorwich.