How do I see a map show all boundaries using the same tag


I am very new to OpenStreetMaps. I have found the following map online:

This has the tag: “census1901:ref 26” which leads me to believe that it represents the Cross Roads DED as used in 1901 census of Ireland. I have also found similar DED maps, for example at the bottom of this page you can see neighbouring DEDs for Cross Roads:

and in turn see the map for, for example, Gortahork DED which is tagged with: “census1901:ref 28”.

So, I am wondering if OpenStreetMaps contains a complete map of Ireland with all DEDs used in the 1901 census.

How can I see a map with all “census1901:ref” tags?



Hi & Welcome!

One way to see the “raw” data:

Go to
In the “Wizard”, input

census1901:ref=* in Ireland

Execute the request (similar to
You should get 40 Mo worth of data, for 400+ boundaries.

Answer is no :wink:

You should check the following resources:

Electoral Divisions have been mapped completely for the Republic of Ireland, and some or all of these may also be identical to those used in the 1901 census.

I suspect that many just have not had the reference used in 1901 added as a tag.