How do I revert a relation?

I accidentally overwrote with a new relation I was creating (hit edit instead of copy in JOSM) and need to revert to version 12. How do I do this?

That is difficult as that url does not show a map so we can not reach it with Potlatch. Also the link ‘show history’ is to no avail as it times out. is without lat, lon:

You should give us a link to the exact spot (lat,lon) on the openstreetmap so we can open Potlatch. there. Maybe there is a change then.

i got it in josm within 5 seconds! what is potlatch?


That url will certainly not open in JOSM. Normally it opens in your webbrowser. And there I see no map.
JOSM? But what did you see? A place on the map? Ok then please provide a link to openstreetmap so we can also see the place on the map.

OSM’s webeditor.

If you have a link to a point on openstreetmap then click the Edit tab and login to reach Potlatch.
I’m speaking about links like:

opened it as object in josm ( strg-shift-O) and got an EMPTY relation route=“US 412”. no member → no address → bad luck

next try:

and the next:

may be, that can help. have a look at the changeset


b.t.w. podlatch was a joke

loaded , saved it as file.
Opened in an editor and added a action=“modify” in the header and changed the Version number to the current one. Loaded the file in JOSM and uploaded it.


Do you need your new relation ?
I can save version 13 in a new relation if you want.


That is an eyeopener: to add the version number.

Thanks Matthias.

Thanks a lot, Nightdive. No, I don’t need version 13 - when I realized the error I copied it into relation 450255.