How do I reopen the tutorial?

I decided to start editing, and then the tutorial popped up. I was really ready for it, and started it. But on Navigation, I missed a text bubble. It said I could go back, but it didn’t give me any arrow keys or anything. So I just clicked on the first option again and went through those text bubbles until I got to navigation again. But then the text bubble had moved to the far left corner of the screen and I couldn’t see all of it! I tried clicking and moving the map, but it didn’t move the entire side bar, so I still couldn’t see the bubble. I didn’t know what else to do so I refreshed the page. But when I did that, the tutorial completely disappeared and left me on the map I had initially tried to edit. I went back to the url that the tutorial was on (OpenStreetMap) but it was gone. It was just the map.

I’m frustrated and I don’t really want to go through a bunch of reading and youtube videos to explain how to use the map. They “feel” different and they’re going to be more complicated and take more time than what studying the tutorial would take me. How can I access the tutorial again? Is there a way that I can open it again through a setting, or can a staff member fix my account so that the next time I edit, it’ll open the tutorial again?

On the right hand sidebar, the bottom option should be labelled Help. Click that, and there’s an option to Start the Walkthrough with a treasure map icon. That’ll open up the tutorial again.