How do I put a speed limit sign on OSM?


I have some speed limit signs I gathered.

Q: How do I easily upload them to OSM.

I have only been registered on OSM for a few hours, so please be gentle on me…


Nice. Speed limit data goes on the ways themselves in the form of the maxspeed and minspeed tags.

To do this, open the area in question in a reputable OSM editor, such as Potlatch or JOSM, and add the tags and values to the ways in question. HTH.

Thanks, worked great.
Also, is there any XML method to do this perhaps? Perhaps something like planet.osm but tenalp.osm (going the other way) perhaps :wink:
thanks for any leads.

Be aware that the implicit unit of maxspeed and minspeed is km/h (kph). For mph you need to add " mph" to the value.

I just added mph. Thanks for reminding me.

Also, let me re-ask my other question.

Q: What tool do you suggest that I could use to PUSH (upload) maxspeed’s info to OSM ?

Is there a tool that lends itself to adding in batch mode … ?


Cheers Ldp, I meant to mention that but forgot. Nice catch.

Cellurl, probably not. I don’t know of such a tool.

What would you expect of such a “tool”?

Somehow, you have to know which road you’re working on, and that invariably leads to the current editors, as they show you the topology of the roads, and you can see which one you’re tagging.

That being said, if all you want is a quick way to click a road and then click 1 other button to set a predefined maxspeed, then you could work with JOSM and a bit of home made improvements. You can modify JOSM’s drawing style to show maxspeeds with colours, and also define buttons to set the speeds. One of the #osm-nl guys worked this out a while back: