How do I post Cultural Gems?


We in Museumsenteret Hordaland are struggling to figure out how to post cultural gem on open street map. We are part of the Small Museums on the go project (EU prosject) and want to post our five museums as web cultural gems on open street map. Would anyone be able to help us? We can’t seem to find a guide on how to do it.

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What is an “cultural gem”? Like a landmark? Or do you just want to add the museum to OSM? Thats of course possible if its in one location.

Do you have a link so we can get a better picture of what you mean?


The museums you linked are already tagged as tourism=museum in OSM and as such also to be seen in the Cultural Gems map. Did you not check that before or did you not find your museums in the map?


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Hi Museumssentret_i_Hordaland and welcome to the Forum. Is your place Hordaland in Norway? And you want to make sure that the 5 museums in your area will be shown in the Cultural Gems map?

I have no experience with this map, but as far as I can see it displays all those objects mapped in OSM with certain tags related to culture. Tags like “place_of_worship”, “memorial”, “monument” and also “museum”. So as soon as your 5 museums are mapped with OSM and tagged as “museum” you should automatically see them in the Cultural Gems map.

If you need help with mapping these 5 museums you would have to post more details including the exact location.