How do I map townhall

I try to make some changes using potach2 to make a building as townhall (Actually head of the village) via When I go to advance key and try to edit with amenity townhall it is not allowing me to save. Key value automatically got deleted. Can some one suggest me how can I fix the problem. Thanks in advance.

Reading your user profile, you did at least some changes also via iD editor or even with JOSM.

Did you try to add / edit that building or POI with iD editor?

iD is under active maintenance, while Potlatch2 is no more.

You might need to explain in a bit more detail what keys you’re pressing? I’ve just tried creating on on the dev server and it saved OK.

Thanks all for the reply. Using keyboard I managed to enter. There seems to be some problem with mouse clicks where my entry disappears in potlach2.