How do I make, and show, my own route map

I do epic train trips. I want to show the route we are taking.
Here’s one in India I did, on google earth obviously.
We’re now doing Europe

How do I do this kind of thing in OSM ?. Ideally I’d like to splice bits off that handy transport map, which I flicked back and forth from extensively when analysing the route in detail. But I’ll do what I did last time and lovingly trace the whole thing if need be, but that’s surely a dumb idea. I then need to overlay it on either a satellite image, or better still the OSM standard map.
Is there a public platform that I can do this on ?. I’ve done some simple editing of my local OSM but dont really want to establish a platform to do this, but would really prefer not to have to do it on google again if I can. If need be I can install a server just for the purposes of getting a graphic like the above, I’m sat here on ubutnu and was, at least once upon a time, vaguely technically competent.

I’m not a company fyi, just a bit daft.

oh, deafening silence, so I assume there isnt an obvious wiki or instruction page that i was too dumb to find.
I had another go at using and then remembered how awful that is, it was so painful I think I’ll just end up using gimp.
potlatch is so nice I was hoping that I could just use that in some guise but obviously not :sob:

Could this be used ?

Kind regards

that looks wunderbar, certainly behaves a lot better on first go, I’ll let you know how i get on, thanks zors

Well, I’ve got the groovy OSM map to work with, and it does look a real cool tool, but of course it’s in in Deutsch right now, and I can’t work out how to edit lines, or actually append the route that I started and then save it again. And alas it keeps crashing, I realise it’s a bit green, I can handle that, but I dont know if you;re ready for a load of bug complains and support questions in English just now.

I got as far as pulling out of cologne and then ran out of data points I guess, it wont let me add any more route.