How do I log in to Mapillary in the JOSM addon?

I’m trying to log in to Mapillary from the JOSM plugin and whenever I go through the process, I just get a message that it “could not refresh login, logging out” and I continue to not be logged in. I’ve tried from a private instance as well as with a different browser too, but it doesn’t seem to be a browser‐side issue AFAICT.

I couldn’t find anything about this in neither JOSM’s Mapillary plugin documentation or Mapillary’s JOSM plugin documentation.

Is there anything I can do to make the login succeed? I’m not opposed to getting and setting values “manually” if needed.

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Plugin author here:
This is due to a slight difference between the default HTTP method and the one used when the HTTP2 plugin is installed.

As a workaround, you can disable the HTTP2 plugin, log in, then reenable the plugin (you don’t even have to restart). I can fix this in the Mapillary plugin fairly easily – I just have to add a single line of code.

With that said, I’m not certain why you want to log in to the plugin. The only reason that the button still exists is so that users can work around rate limiting (which I believe is largely fixed now).
Most of the functionality that the login button allowed was removed during the v3 to v4 Mapillary API transition, and none of the functionality that I think users would want if they logged in is accessible via public API.