How do I load GPX files for OSM from OS app or Strava?

Trying to do simple GPX file to map a new housing estate using what I have on my Samsung A6 phone. Can create GPX file from OS map app or Strava but neither will load to OSM to edit as don’t have timestamps in them. Any suggestions or suggestions about this, or for the simplest GPS app to download and use instead.

Have you tried JOSM to open them? (if opening GPX on computer is fine here)

I’ve used OSMTracker on Android before to capture traces.


There is a suggestion in the OSM wiki to use GPX Editor. I’ve not tried it myself, but it is suggested that you can add fake timestamps with it. I’ve done this in the past with an editor macro as well.

I tend to use OSMTracker myself, which captures timestamps.

To be honest, I’m genuinely impressed that you’ve managed to use the OS Map app for something useful - I’ve found the UI of that absolutely pants (and saying that is an insult to underwear!)

The “on device” solution is to run Vespucci, add a GPX layer from the file, then upload. This will give you fake timestamps if none are present, but I assume you can live with that.

Note: depending on the Android version it might be a bit tricky to actually get access to the file.

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Yep. Not well designed UI. Got it as going on biking trip using a friends GPX tracks. Thought it might do as simple GPX generator for new housing estate roads using the ‘record an activity’ option which creates a GPS trace.

Downloaded OSMTracker and seems good and simple. Test file produced and uploaded to OSM fine. Thanks, Tom.