How do I: Import Maps.Me Bookmarks (Locations) and share them publicly?


I’ve got a list of location pins on Maps.Me and I have the following plans, wondering if this is possible with OSM:

  • Transfer those pins onto OSM;
  • Import those KML files to OSM (their format when using the “share” option on Maps.Me);
  • Create a map that I can make public and link-share with others;
  • potentially open it to crowd source more locations.

Personally it is very convenient for me to source locations using Maps.Me as it’s just dropping a pin on an app on a tablet.
Google offers a one-click KML import option, so I can easily transfer those bookmarks to Google- but obviously at the expense of privacy and everything Google comes with, hence OSM would be preferred.

The topic of KML files has been discussed before but it seems quite complex to import them and I’m hiping this may have improved by now.
Has anyone done a project like this before?


You can’t upload personal data on OSM, it’s a global database, the same for everyone.

If you want to display your pins on top of OSM, and share that map, have a look at, it’s nice and really easy to use.

UMap is also great for that, but more complicated.

I just found this pretty nice presentation about what is really OSM.

On a side note, you probably don’t want to keep using, it’s unmaintained. Organic Maps is a great fork.


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