how do I get cyclepath on Cyclemap view

I have several cycleways in Canberra , but they don’t seem to be rendered in the Cyclemap
1 example is here around the lake:

Do I need to tag this in a special way?

You know you have to wait a while, usually one week?

Take a look at how renered cycleways are tagged, if they are tagged the same then it should work.

I’m getting very slow response when I try and select Cycleway, can you give me a link to where some know cycleways are?

Here you have an example of a national cycle network and ordinary cycleways.

When your area is not high zoom in OSM cyclemap you sent an email to gravitystorm/Andy allen as the cyclemap is not OSM hosted.

right it looks like this area is not rendered in the cyclemaps. I’ll see if I can contact them, thanks

BTW, this is no longer necessary. Since a couple of days the whole world is rendered up to z18