How do I extract geometry (wkt, etc) from "Way" features

Hey all,

Problem: Sometimes I come across features which are “Way” features that have a visible shape. I need them to be “Relation” to work in this tool to obtain their geometry:

Is there a way to convert these from “Way” to “Relation” or a workaround to obtain the WKT of their shape?

Way: Nkhotakota Game Reserve (28910776)

Thanks so much!!

Can you elaborate on the higher-level problem - what do you want to achieve? The question you posed is quite vague.

Hey Rico, I updated my original post!


A relation-object in OSM is basically a collection of nodes and / or ways which are releated to each other:

The website you posted will convert a OSM relation from the database into a POLY-File. To create a POLY from a way this website is not suitable. A quick Google-Search didn’t reveal a solution for your problem. Perhaps has something for you.

JOSM can save to a .poly file. Create a new layer, download the object so it’s the only thing in that layer, then save it as a .poly.

Hmmm… Not in my version. Do use a Plugin for this?

This requires the poly plugin.

Whoops, I completely forgot that this functionality is indeed added by the “poly” plugin.