How do I download directions between two points as SVG file?

Hey guys. I’ve been trying to download an SVG file with directions between points (starting point and destination). Whenever I try to download the SVG file I don’t get the directions at all.

(just in case you didn’t understand) Please see below image. I’m trying to extract the route between the starting point (green) and the final destination (red).

Can you please help me out guys.

AFAIK, you cannot download a route calculated by one of the third party services on
The (SVG) export functionality is only for the maps.

Typically, routes cannot be exported as SVG. Most websites I know allow you to download a GPX file which can be used on a GPS device (or smartphone).

But maybe you can convert an exported GPX file from a routing website into an SVG file, or something like geoJSON or similar.

Putting in other words what others already stated: OSM is not about routing. OSM is basically a database of geographical information. There are many utilities around that offer al kind of services based on the OSM database, routing is one of many. How to get a certain route from a certain service in a certain format must be found out from the provider of the given service, not from OSM. We at OSM provide the geo data, we do not provide the routing.