How do I create a shapefile of all lines with 'cycleway=lane' tag?


I downloaded OSM point, line, and polygon data for Los Angeles County in California from, and from the lines shapefile I want to select all streets that have bike lanes on them. Or using the website language, I want to select all features in the OSM lines shapefile that would have the tag ‘cycleway=lane’ on the OSM website. How do I do that?

Here is what I have tried so far:
-selecting all shapefile features where route = ‘bicycle’ – this gets me a very partial list of streets with bike lanes and leaves off many streets that, according to the OSM website, have the tag ‘cycleway=lane’ and

-selecting all shapefile features where highway = ‘cycleway’, but this only returns off-street bike paths, whereas I am looking for streets with on-street painted bike lanes.

-selecting all shapefile features where bicycle = ‘yes’ or bicycle = ‘designated’, which again gives me a very partial list and leaves off many streets that, according to the OSM website, have the cycleway=‘lane’ tag.

Any other thoughts? How do I create a shapefile of all lines that have the ‘cycleway=lane’ tag?

Any help much appreciated. I’ve tried searching for ‘bike’, ‘bike lanes’, ‘bicycle’, ‘cycleway’ in the forum and no one else seems to have posted a similar topic, hence why I am posting this new topic.

There is a great tool that shows everything bicycle related on OSM:

With this permalink you see an example of all cycleway=lane streets.

Thanks for the link. I checked it out and the cycleway=lane is exactly what I am looking for, but is there anyway I can export it as a shapefile?

I’m trying to make a map of bike lanes in LA County using OSM data and I’d rather not have to manually copy.

I’ll check that with the guy who made that tool.

You can do this with overpass turbo (export tab to get a shape file)

Hello Plannerd,

is it 100% sure that you want to work with shapefiles from OSM data? Or can you work with original raw OSM data that is NOT identical with shapefile format, but similar?

see the OSM wiki at and do a search for:

planet.osm, osmfilter, osmconvert, shapefile, overpass-api, overpass-turbo

You can also load raw OSM data by a filter into own layers in QGIS via the quickOSM plugin there.

Please tell us about success or failure!

Thanks to all of you for your help!

I got exactly what I wanted by using the Overpass Turbo site recommended by ligfietser, running the query for bike lanes, exporting the output as KML, then converting to SHP with QGIS. The QuickOSM plugin for QGIS also gets the same result and is more convenient (don’t even need to leave the program!)

Thanks again. I’ve literally had a whole new world of data options opened to me!