How do I create a new way between existing nodes?

I have entered some addresses as POI nodes forgetting to put interpolation ways between them. How can I put the missing ways in and join them to the existing nodes?

Which editor do you use?
Potlatch: Left-click first node, left-click second node, add attribute “addr:interpolation” and apropriate value.
JOSM: Download data from OSM, hit “A” for “add” and proceed like in potlatch.

But that just puts the interpolation tag on the nodes. IÂ’ve already done that and IÂ’m not getting the dotted line between the numbers that you get when thereÂ’s a way joining them.

The “addr:interpolation”-tag applys only to a way between two address-nodes.

An old question, but it still needs an answer.

The only way I’ve found to create a path between two existing nodes A and B is:

  • start a new path from a dummy point near A

  • click on A as the second node (but do not expect a visual indication that you have hit the node)

  • click on B as the third node (but ditto)

  • finish the path and delete the dummy node

You now have a path between A and B with the attributes of the original nodes preserved. It works well for adding an interpolation, but would presumably also work in other circumstances where you want a way between two existing nodes,

Its a bit clumsy and there ought to be a better way (maybe there is? but I’ve searched and experimented but can’t find one).

I assume you’re using JOSM? Hold [Alt] while drawing the way :wink: