How do I add pedestrian crossing to the road?

I have taken many pedestrian crossing location here in Northern Sri Lanka with Garmin eTrex10 GPS. I have the locations with me. I want to add that to open street map. How can I do that. I do not see Pedestrian crossing in Potlach2 editor. Or do I need to do with another editor?

Hi Umapathy,
If I’m right, Pedestrian crossing in Potlach2 are set when you add a point and search for the Pedestrian crossing attribute in the category “transport” (1st line/4th picture)

Regarding your editor choice, my point of view is that Potlach is useful for “small” updates; if, at a point of time, you want to do some more important updates, I suggest JOSM.


Thanks jc67 and sorry for the belated reply. It’s fine working. I have added some pedestrain crossing in vavuniya but yet not appearing in the openstreetmap. I can see clearly on the edit mode. I have added some banks which appears without any problem. Don’t know if I edited correctly or have to wait for some more time.

Could you please add a changeset comment when you make changes, which explains how and why you have changed the map. I prefer fairly detailed ones.

The bicycle map tends to be the best one for visualising crossings, but can take up to t a week to update.

Are Sri Lankan road name signs really primarily in the Latin script, with English road types? The general convention for OSM is that maps should appear in the language and script used for paper maps sold, to locals, in the area in question. You can then use name:en to give an English name, although some prefer that that is only done if the English name is not a simple transliteration, and is also signposted locally. The Sri Lankan mapping community, could, I suppose, override this policy, but even given the Tamil/Sinhalese issue, I’d be surprised if that was the policy.

Doing a Google search is looks like the convention is to give up to three languages, with English at the bottom, so in default of any local mapping convention, I would expect to find up to three hyphenated names, with English last, together with name:en and one or more of name:si and name:ta.

The reason you might, initially, get a lot of English is that, outside of Europe, North America and Australasia, the local mapping community tends to be very small, and most mapping is done by tourists and ex-patriates. There may also be an element of elitism in using English and, in Sri Lanka, the communal divide may make it a more neutral choice.

Without the changeset or node number and without comments on the changeset, it took some time to find, but I think this is an example:

It looks OK to me. You will need the cycle map layer to have it rendered on on the standard web site, and it doesn’t look like that has re-rendered that area yet.

I’ve also made some other observations about the mapping in that area that I’ve sent privately relating to names used as descriptions, languages, and allowable sources.

Also, adding type of crossing would be a good idea -