How do I add a link that I don't want Discourse to expand?

I was trying to reply to Google Translate has trouble with this site - #2 by SomeoneElse and wanted my answer to just be the URL rather than whatever that URL expands to.

(interestingly Discourse didn’t expand ^^ link)

you have to make sure the link is not the only thing in the line.

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That nearly worked - it works for most links, but doesn’t work for Discourse’s own links such as in my reply on Could we have a emoji :thumps up: as reaction? - #11 by SomeoneElse where it wasn’t the only thing on the line.

And of course in that sentence ^^ too!

I don’t see any previews on the messages your are referring to :thinking:

The URL in the last message was “ht tps://” (deliberately breaking the URL so that Discourse doesn’t munge it) but I don’t see that - instead I see “Could we have a emoji :thumps up: as reaction? - #11 by SomeoneElse 2”.

I think internal links are “beautified” if you just drop the url directly, but they are not if linked on a portion of text.

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Putting the link in angle brackets also works:



Exactly. And if you want, you can use the URL as the link text as well as the link target.



Not as short as the angle brackets mentioned by @jleedev, but more intuitive to me because it follows the usual syntax for markdown links. (Works with the “Link” button in the graphical user interface as well.)