How could i extract height/floor of building from OSM?

I downloaded OSM .shp data, and there is no height attribute in building class.

But OSM has also other formats to download, for example .xml file, which seems includes height information.

I would like to know, which formats would you recommend to extract height/floor information of building?

And which software would you recommend that I could efficiently extract height information from that format?

Thanks. : )

FYI, not all buildings have height information. I would think it’s only a small portion of the buildings that have a height specified. Perhaps building:levels is more common.

Can’t help you with the best format. I just read that the free shape files from Geofabrik do not contain all information, but there paid versions contain more.

If you only need a small area, you could download the buildings via e.g. OverpassTurbo.
Otherwise a planet dump, or derived country dump is probably the way to go.