How can we prevent z-fighting issues?

In areas that have been recently edited to include complex building structures like parts and roof shapes for 3D reconstruction,
I see numerous issues with z-fighting.
This looks imho VERY UGLY.
The problem is that z-fighting cannot be avoided by 3D renderers, if generated faces with different colors lie exactly on the same plane, as it is the case with intersecting building parts and/or building footprints that have been given the same height attribute.

Why is this happening and why are editors not aware of this problem? It is clearly visible in the Kendzi3D plugin.

How can we prevent editors from creating such models? Is it possible to issue warnings in JOSM?

e.g. building in Warszawa CBD:

The problem is known. Thank you Aschilli, for pointing out of this question.
I speak with Kendzi about that. Generally the best way would be to inform the community in the S3DB wiki page about this ugly effect, because nobody except some experts know that.