How can we open big shp file ?

good day everyone :slight_smile:

i have 1.5 GB shpfile ( buildings ). i want to open it and modify some elements , i tried to open it with Qgis but its rendering the data very slow ,

is there any alternative apps or methods can i use to fix this issue ?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Where did you get it from?

I’m afraid you can’t get much better than QGIS. JOSM would slow down to a crawl.

we have created by josm but as parts . then we have uploaded this parts to osm mirror on our server , after 1 year work and upload we got 2GB size OSM file on the server . i have download it from the server by FTP and used osmosis for extract buildings layer and its 1.6GB i want to modify this big file . this is whole the story :smiley:

When you only have to modify a few buildings, why don’t you download a smaller area from your server ? Or multiple small areas ? This is how all users of JOSM work I think

Rather than trying to manipulate a shape file, I’d suggest that you download and filter raw OSM data. There are plenty of options for that, and you wouldn’t hit the same memory problems.