how can I use OsmAnd on a desktop computer?


I have downloaded the free app from Google Play.
Can I also use -OSMAND on a desktop computer (a website)?
Will afterwards it will be possible to synchronize the points that I have added?
One of the advantages of Google Maps is that you can add points on “My Maps” (on the computer screen) and all the other devices syncing .
At the moment, I add points to “my favorits” (on the smartphone or tablet) and then share with other devices by Bluetooth but I am looking for an easier method.

thank you

You cannot run OsmAnd on a desktop computer.
You could create a GPX file with your favorites and copy that (manually) to your smartphone.

There is no easier way AFAIK.

There is also a dedicated OsmAnd group on the Google Groups website, perhaps there is someone over there that has a better solution.

You can try to run Osmand via any emulator solution, like BlueStacks,, , or via the arc-welder plugin in Chrome browser …

see for details … you can get osmand.apk via

But no sync feature available so far.

Thank you stephan75 for the wonderful idea!!!

I downloaded BlueStacks and turned it on.
I downloaded osmand from Google’s app store, then I sent the file “Favorites” via Bluetooth from my nexus to the computer but osm could not access it.
Finally I downloaded the fx explorer and then I could open with osm and save

I hope that maybe someday will be an osmand software for PC and a website where anyone can connect and synchronize.

again, Thank you very much