How can I show only my GPS-Traces?

is there a possibility to show in the Edit-Mode only my GPS-Tracks and not all which are uploaded for the area?

Yes: Click on “GPS Traces” → “See just your traces…” Find the desired track and click on “edit” behind the filename.

Or did you mean “all your traces” at the same time? This is not possible with Potlatch. You will need e.g. JOSM for this.

I want to see on the map when I create new lines only my traces, without the traces of other people.

Or is there a possibility to see my traces on the map in other color or something like that? Because all the traces look on the map the same and I cannot know which are mine and which not, which I can trust and which not.

Again: If you go via “GPS Traces” → … → “edit” you’ll only see that single trace in Potlatch. You can then load additional tracks by clicking on the GPS-Icon (lower left corner, mean icon, looks like a rubber).

You can’t change the color of the GPS-Traces in Potlatch, neither from your own traces nor from other traces uploaded by other users.

You can’t even trust your own GPS-Tracks because of the normal inaccuracy the GPS (weather conditions, quality of reception, aso.)! This is why you always should compare (when possible) your tracks with other tracks taken on a different day with a different GPS-Receiver.

If you need to distinguish between your own and other tracks you have to edit your data e.g. with JOSM, where you can assign different colors to different GPS-Traces.

BTW: I just found out, when loading your own track in Potlatch and adding additional tracks from other users, all tracks are shown in cyan, but your own track is a little bit lighter than the other tracks:

Thanks PHerison, that helps me a lot.
I also found, that G shows all traces and Shift+G shows only my traces