How can I see a list of my changeset reverted

I have just checked my profile in Pascal Neis page:

I see that 63 of my changesets have been reverted. I would like to know what changes are those? Where can I see the list? or how can I generate a list of reversed changeset id.

In fact, I would like to see why they were reverted in order to better understand and improve my mapping skills.


I think it says 63 changes (not changesets) were reverted out of 5,672 changesets.

Map changes: 474,230 (5,672)
Reverted changes: 63 (0.0%)

Not sure what it means but maybe a count of the lines of items as listed in each of the changesets that were reverted added to 63.

I expect is is a very small number of changesets of yours were reverted.
Never the less, we would all like to see a list of our reverted changesets. The only practical time to discuss such matters is at the time of the revert, so hopefully each was commented before reversion to give you a chance to discuss.

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If somebody reverts a changeset I think it is good practice to notify who created the changeset via the comments in the changeset. Following that I would expect that you can find the relevant changeset via Discussed changesets

I would find it even better if somebody does see a problem with my changeset he./she does try to notify me so I can correct the problem myself, that is indeed the way to learn something, that is following what is written on JOSM/Plugins/Reverter:

Do not revert changes by other users without contacting them first in a polite way and giving them enough time to reply (one week minimum). Broken data can be fixed easily, but a broken community is not so easy to restore. :slight_smile:


see SomeoneElse’s last reply


That are not your changes reverted:
see here the answer of Pascal Neis:

I think that answer refers to “Changeset rollbacks” (now called “Rollbacks performed”), not “Reverted changes”, see screenshot in initial post:

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Some explanations by the author from the German forum thread Revertierte CS finden:

For quite some time I had the idea to include some numbers on reverted map edits and performed reverts at HDYC. Currently this is implemented quite pragmatically in a 1st version:
Changesets, resp. their edits, which have been done with “JOSM (Reverter)”, “osmtools” or other Reverter Tools are used in the processing of a full history planet file.

This allows to display for each OSM Contributor profile:

  1. how many map edits by the user have been reverted
  2. how many reverts a user has done himself.

Clarification on “Reverted changes”:

These are changes/posts by you that have been undone by others.

I don’t think there is an easy way to get a list of “Reverted changes” - quote on how to get a list of those:

With the approach I used, you would need all versions of the OSM elements that you created, modified, deleted or restored. Additionally, you would need all changesets of the elements just mentioned that are marked as revert. After that, a possible list of your reverted map edits can be created.

In addition to this pragmatic approach, the history (i.e. each object version) of each OSM element could also be examined and compared to itself to see if it has been reverted back to an original version.

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