How can I make suggestions to OpenStreetMap?

I have an idea of a feature that could be added to OpenStreetMap, it would be useful to have this feature. Where can I make suggestions to OpenStreetMap?

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Well here is my suggestion:
Something that is useful on other software like Google Maps is the ability to have postcode (I’m from the UK but I believe in the US these are called zip codes) areas. When you search a code and the area in Google maps, it outlines the area in red. I tested with a US zip code and it does so in the US also, not just the UK. This is my suggestion!

OSM has postcode centroids in the UK which are open data.

A postcode applies to a maximum of about 40 addresses but address/postcode data is not open.

To draw postcode boundaries, where we can derived them, would involve drawing the boundaries of every property and grouping them. That would be a lot of work for volunteers.

The existing centroid search will usually get you pretty close in built up areas.

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