How can I install a map for Mapsource or Basecamp on a Windows PC?

I extracted the downloaded file (otm-egypt.img) into C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Maps as described in but it doesn’t show up in BaseCamp (v4.7.5), and neither in MapSource (v6.15.6). I already tried restarting the computer (Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 19045.3393) but it didn’t help.

Can somebody please help me?

Hi, OK I just tested this. What you downloaded (otm-egypt.img) is the image file for a Garmin GPS device. You need to download a BaseCamp zip file. Unfortunately, this is not available from this site, (it seems that only the Europe maps have a BaseCamp download).

I would therefore point you to: OSM Map On Garmin/Download - OpenStreetMap Wiki Scroll down to the Africa section where you should find a BaseCamp download. If I can help further please just ask.

Regards Bernard