How can I have a longer text in the popup?

The location text for defibrillators is too long for the uMap popups.

I know this does not answer your question, but do you mind me asking what the purpose of this map is?

Is it served by either the maps below?

The most important tag is the indoor tag.
Only access = customers serves a purpose, certainly in Belgium.
No one has ever given examples what the other accesses could be.

This uMap will probably be inserted in the website of the town.
So they can know where the AEDs are without visiting every place.
The same uMap does exist for Vlaanderen. I conceived it to direct people by phone to the nearest AED.
So the first question would be : is there an outdoor one ?
If no, what are the chances it is possible to get to the indoor one.
Pictures greatly help the location description.
The map in Puurs is the ideal one, which demands a lot of input.

It is also good for maintaining the AEDs, but I admit that Overpass might be better for this.

In response to your original question that UMap is putting al the information in the sidepanel for me and the descriptions don’t appear to be truncated compared to the OpenAEDMap and Mapcomplete versions fo the map. Which ones are being cut off?

So for your application you would prefer a map colour coded by indoor/outdoor rather than access. What if it is locked behind a gate when the location is closed for the evening?

The general access tag documentation is here. Most relevant is that access=yes grants a legal right of access to an object and that permissive shows that the owner makes it available but doesn’t legally have to.

Do the emergency services have an official list of defibrillators where you are? Near me OSM is good for general awareness, but if you call for an ambulance I think they will look at their list and tell you where you can grab one if you need it (and the code for the keypad if it has one).

That is why I draw fences and gates.
The thinking is : when you are in the football stadion, you can get to it.

In Belgium everyone has the right even the duty to use a defibrillator if they can.
Declaration of it is mandatory, but often forgotten.

In Belgium there is an official list but it is no good, as many things in Belgium are.
OSM with mapillary is the only way to maintain it.
With some hickups, we are on the good way.

It is always a good idea to have a look at the person you write to.

Are you dutch, because that keypad nonsense ?

No, currently in England. Many of the ones mounted outside a building have a little lock on them if they’re out in the open. I assume there are concerns about vandalism or theft.

External enclosure

Maybe we have one like that, the most famous AED in the country.

As there is no legal way to refuse access, this would be access=no to me.
I would say that my GSM battery is empty and break the casing.
Anyway, by the time our 112 picks up the phone, our patient is already dead.

Now it works.