How can I edit a feature showing on map but hidden in Edit

I recently noticed that the petrol (gas) station on Tottenham Lane in Hornsey, London N8, UK, (almost opposite jct with Ferme Park Road), has two petrol pump icons. On going in to delete one, the unnamed one is not visible for deletion. Any clues as to a fix?


It’s been added twice - once as an area and once as a point. To select the area, you’ll need to click nearer the outer edge.

However. the area has more detail on it, so you won’t want to delete that. To delete the node, just click on it and delete it.

To find both of these I used the query button on the main OSM website.

Edit: See also


Thanks - I think that’s done now.

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For completeness only. You can also just merge the two objects, select them both and press “C” in the on-line iD editor. For most purposes this is the same as deleting one of them except if the two objects have different values in a tag these will be merged “tag1;tag2”. The notional value is that it retains the edit history of the removed object: I’m actuall sceptical of the real value of this as it’s quite hard to parse when using data from OSM history files.


Thank you. I’ll note that for next time.

I’ve now made the change and the remaining icon is the one generated by the petrol station area. For some reason, however, the icon is placed in the top right of the area, over the co-op shop. Is there a way to centre it in the area?

That looks like a bug in one of the six maps available at, the “OSM Carto” one. Of the others, Cyclosm and the humanitarian map get it right, Cycle Map and Transport Map don’t show it, Oepnvkarte seems mostly broken.

To raise an issue with the OSM Carto developers, you could explain the problem here.

Thanks - have done as you suggest

… and unfortunately it got closed immediately as a duplicate of an issue that has been open for a couple of years already.

This map was based on OSM Carto’s style from 2014 and doesn’t have the problem, so it must have been a style change that they introduced over there.

Unfortunately the OSM Carto map style has one very vocal person saying “no” to changes which means there isn’t much progress (this suggests 3 updates and 1 release this year, if I’m reading it correctly). In contrast this style (which is just me) has had a dozen releases this year, each one containing a dozen minor changes.

Edit: Another one: OSM Americana is good example of a “healthy” project - lots of updates, lots of contributors.

Thanks, it seems like all thee collaborative projects have hurdles to surmount. It’s barely surprising these days that a project this side of the Atlantic is riven with squabbles, but a pleasant surprise to learn that something over there isn’t bi or multi-partisan.

OSM Carto is an international project - problems are more due to (internal) politics than geography.