How can I delete a map that I have lost edit rights to?

I am a new user and I am creating a map of bird boxes for our local community group. Last year when trying out uMap to see if it would meet our needs I created this map:

But I have lost edit rights to it.
I have now created the complete map here:

And I would like to delete the first one. But I seem to have lost editing rights to it.
How can I get it deleted?

Thanks in advance for any help with this,

How did lose the rights to your edits?

Hi IanH,
I am not sure how I lost the rights. However, I noticed that unlike the new map which has an owner attribution ( by FriendsofBigWood )
The old map does not have this. So perhaps it does not have the correct owner on it?


If you created it without logging in then you need to make special effort to save the special “edit URL”. Unfortunately he interface doesn’t stress this and many people end up losing it. It might be in your browser history, but I’m not sure that even happens these days.

Hi InsertUser,
Yes, I think perhaps I did create it without logging in first, since I was just experimenting at that point. I have searched my browser history, but there is no sign of an edit url :cry:

Is there a way to contact an administrator who could delete it?


Hi @Mark_Jenner ,

Assume you visited and read uMap/FAQ - OpenStreetMap Wiki , then contacted the given contact?

Best, H4N5

That page doesn’t seem to actually list any contact details.


Thanks everyone for you suggestions. After rummaging around I found this page uMap - OpenStreetMap Wiki which recommended subscribing to the mailing list and asking on there. I did that and I had a reply after a couple of days with the editing link, so I have managed to delete the map.

Thanks again for all assistance given,

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