Housename vs housenumber

Hello! I am quite new to tagging and I would like to fix some tags in my village. However we don’t have numbers for our houses. Instead each house has a name.

My question is; can I type house name in addr:housenumber or should I use addr:housename?

In this case, you should use addr:housename.

@Fizzie41 No, nothing like that. The names are historical and are probably connected to real people’s names from centuries ago. It is the official address, but instead of a house number there is a house name.

But a question here is how are the houses named?

Is that one Metsavana’s House, with Milliam’s House next door, and Fizzie’s House across the road? :grinning:

If that is how they’re named, then no, you shouldn’t add anything that identifies the occupants.

But if they’re the Big Red House, Corner House & so on, that’s fine!